Polisario Front reportedly rejected new ceasefire with Morocco

The moroccan proposal was rejected by the POLISARIO Front.

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The war destroyed between the Marruecos and the Frente Polisario following the violation of the marroquíes of the alto and the attack on Saharawi civilians in the breach of El Guerguerat, lasted until November 3 years in a context of increased tension in all the region. Armed shocks expand to the whole region before the start of negotiations between the belligerents.

The crimes were established on the month of November 13, 2020, when the brown occupation edict was broken in the military wall that divides the Western Sahara and deprives us of our positions in the East of the wall to attack Saharan civilians who are already in my possession. peaceful protest in the legal breach of El Guerguerat, in response to this act and as it was carried out by various members of the Polisario Front, the Saharawi liberation ejection quickly intervened in the defense of civilians and responded with artillery ruffles. One day later, the Frente POLISARIO declared the end of the tregua 30 years later.

According to diplomatic sources in declarations to this media, Morocco, through the U.S., asked for a new cease-fire in order to withdraw from El Guerguerat and abandon its occupied sites from November 13, 2020. However, the proposal was rejected by the POLISARIO Front.

Before the lack of international guarantees, the Frente POLISARIO avoided firming the new deal with a new high fuego, and tildó of suspicion and little creíble the claimido acuerdo con Rabat.

The re-escalation of the conflict, due to the construction of infrastructure and a paso not permitted in the extrusion zone of the Plan de Arreglo, in the border region of El Guerguerat, space which is denuncia as a zone of transportation of expoliated and traffic of illegal mercancías. Before the inaction of the international community, Saharawi civilians moved in a year to block the passage. Therefore, the Frente Polisario considered the attack on these civil wars by the marroquíes as a violation of the alto el fuego ya that viola el acuerdo militar número 1 firmado entre las parties en 1991.

Diplomatic sources were subtracted from the declarations it was that, following the Saharawi response, the Biden administration was forced to exert pressure at all levels to agree with the POLISARIO Front to reconsider its position and accept the proposal with the end of reviving the current political process. the auspiciousness of the UN. It is now confirmed that the pressure of EE.UU. until the moment has expired, it is not yet fruity.

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