Morocco: Government Uses Torture to Silence Sahrawi Activists

From very young I received at my home, when I was living in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba, many young Saharawi medical students and hear from his own lips the oppressive regime and violator of human rights are subjected to by the regime of Morocco for the simple fact assert to have expression of their national identity, talking or singing, I saw the sadness in his faces of the oppressed people and at the same time, the twinkle in her eyes of heroic hearts fearlessly fighting for the sovereignty and independence.
Today, the situation is much worse for
sarahuies due to the poor or no attention to this deplorable human rights situation and violations of theGeneva Convention on Torture is part of the rich countries even thoughyoung women are being raped and tortured by the Moroccan repressive forces. 
The brothers of the Sahara under our Jesuchrist love, are also under the protection of God that in his dwelling is watching and judging our actions with the most humble and needy.

Konstantine Isidoros, Oxford

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