Richard Miniter letter on FPRI, Daily News, event in US Congress

De : Richard Miniter <>

À : Ahmed charai <>
Envoyé le : Mar 25 janvier 2011, 0h 24min 13s
Objet : FPRI, Daily News, Event in US Congress
Again it was a great pleasure seeing you in DC this past week. I especially enjoyed the cigars that you brought me. I am happily smoking one now. 
1. Regarding the event that you want to have in the US Congress. The Congressman who has been asked to reserve a room for us is Rep. Chris Smith, the new chairman of the Africa Subcommittee of the US House of Representatives’ Foreign Affairs Committee. In addition, he will send out copies of our event invitation to all congressmen and all staff members on his official stationery. Hudson Institute will organize the event, as Nina Rosenwald graciously promised you. But I need certain information from you in order to proceed: the names and organizations of all of the speakers you wish to invite (indicating which ones are US citizens or legal residents and which ones are subjects of the Kingdom of Morocco) and to provide which days in March or April would be best for this event. So please give me the answers to these questions by January 27th.
2. Regarding the Foreign Policy Research Institute. What is the next step toward making me a senior fellow at that organization? Will you have Alan Luxenberg telephone me on 202/431-6521? 
3. I will send you an article on Cote d’Ivoir no longer than February 25th, as we discussed. 
4. I would be happy to sign my own name to the Daily News article about Morocco and Prince Hicham, if that helps you. Please let me know. 
Richard Miniter
Cell: (202) 441-6521

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